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Fairlie Kingston Shows - 9 October - 28 October 2012

Local artist, Fairlie Kingston, often uses Camp Cove and the surrounds as inspiration in her artworks. Her latest show is to open in October at the Australian Galleries in Glenmore Road.

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Council Elections Results - Oct 4, 2012

Watsons Bay residents Louise McElvogue and Ron Berkelmans along with Rose Bay local Fiona Shand polled well in their first political race taking 20% of the votes in the Woollahra Council Elections and just missing out on a council seat by 5%. The Independent ticket was launched just six weeks before the election and came second in the count in both the Watsons Bay polling booth and Rose Bay Public School. Unlike the trend in the rest of Woollahra where the Liberals gained share, the Independent ticket managed to reduce the Liberal party share by 5% in Vaucluse one of its safest seats.


"We are grateful to the local community for their incredible support --- one in five voters want to see a change in our local Council and we see that as a direct reaction to many of the poor planning decisions in Vaucluse ward--- we will continue to represent those voters as a lobbying force in local politics" Louise McElvogue said.

Council Elections - Sept 8, 2012

Watsons Bay residents Louise McElvogue and Ron Berkelmens, along with Fiona Shand, are standing for election in the forthcoming local elections on September 8th. They are running in the Vaucluse Ward as an Independent. Independent Voice is campaigning for:

  • Planning decisions that respect heritage and our local villages
  • An integrated parking and transport plan that eases congestion and parking problems
  • Protection and enhancement of the area's open spaces, beaches and unique streetscapes

Find out more about what they stand for and their campaign at:

HMAS Watsons Walking Tour - Sunday 12th August - 3.15-5pm

HMAS Watson is the premier RAN maritime warfare training establishment and this is our opportunity to find out what really goes on up there. Naval Officers will guide us around, and talk about the rich history of the site, and what happens there today.

Cost: Free

Who: WBA Members’ families (children welcome).

Where: Gather at the boom gates - entry to HMAS Watson. The tour will go ahead in wet weather as we can congregate in the chapel and hear about the base whilst sitting in the relative warmth. As it is a Sunday there will be limited toilet facilities, (so please go before!) Bring ID (driver’s license) for adults, warm coats for all. (Depending on the day, it can get a bit windy and chilly up there).


Entry only by registration email | by Sunday 5th August

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